OA Troop/Team Representative

The OA Troop/Team Representative is one of the most important positions in the OA, and you should be proud of taking this step to continue to cheerfully serve the ones who chose you and the ones who continue to need you.

The Order of the Arrow is a vital part of the Boy Scouts of America. It has allowed countless Scouts to both enrich themselves as individuals and enhance their Scouting experience. As an OA Troop/Team Representative, it is your responsibility to be a resource the other members of your troop or team, as well as your honor to promote the Order’s message of cheerful service within the Scouting program.

We offer a great resource to help you with your responsibilities, the “Troop/Team Representative Handbook“. This book you will find information on what the OA Troop/Team Representative program entails. It includes many ideas of expand your service to your unit and the OA, as well as information on the adviser program. But most importantly it provides you, the individual, the tools to succeed and make the program your own. Please keep it as a reference.